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Marriage: Art of the Proposal

Whether you’re at the early stages in your relationship or considering getting down on one knee in the near future – of all the important questions that you will ask in your lifetime, “will you marry me?” takes the cake!

Below are a few tips for you to consider before popping the question.

Build up to the moment.

Memories are one of the most valuable things in life, especially as time goes by. In order to make lasting, happy memories, and, to prevent confusion and/or panic, plan a proposal that builds to the moment. Lay out the specific times and elements of your proposal. Instead of asking sometime during a meal, plan the proposal as you would a presentation at work, and appropriately build on the momentum as you approach those four special words.

This is where YOUR story begins.

Nobody wants to miss out on hearing about the proposal, and it is generally one of the first questions out of people’s mouths.

Including personal touches to your proposal will add a unique element that demonstrates your efforts and thoughtfulness to your partner. Make it personal. Make it about who the two of you are as a couple. Start this new chapter of your life, and set the stage for the future, in the way that a skilled author introduces their story. While other people can read it, only the author can create it.

This way, when people ask your partner, “how did he/she propose?” it will be like reciting a page out of your own love story in the making.

Practice makes perfect.

Picture those Hollywood movies, where the leading man sweeps the leading lady off of her feet at the last possible second, with a romantic gesture, complete with a seven minute long, unprepared, epic speech about how he can’t live without her, which she then proceeds to fall in to his arms in fits of sobs. Most of us do not work as well under pressure. In the real world, without preparation, those of you proposing may be at a loss for words during such a significant moment.

If you think you need to, write or jot down what you plan to say, and then rehearse it. Preparation will come across in a big way and will have your partner saying, ‘I Do,’ before the seven minutes of your epic speech are even up!

Still lost for words?

I don’t think there is one, perfect proposal ‘script,’ that includes everything that someone should say. Each couple is unique. Instead, let what you want to express come from your heart and be representative of the stage in your relationship that you are experiencing together. A proposal is an expression of the love you feel for one another that highlights a moment in time.

On the other hand, why not ditch the script altogether with something short and sweet?

Choose the setting carefully.

And we don’t mean for the ring … yet!

The setting is the location where you envision the proposal will occur. Whether it is at the spot where you first met or had your first kiss, it should hold some significance for the both of you.

To be or not to be traditional?

The act of bending one knee to the ground is known as genuflection. Proposing on one knee symbolizes a high level of vulnerability, respect and graciousness.

Before you choose to opt out of what you consider too traditional, consider the meaning and significance behind this seemingly small, but in reality, grand, gesture. Also consider what it may mean to your significant other. If you know that your future partner-to-be is fond of engagement and marriage traditions, then consider incorporating some traditional elements while still making it personal.

It’s all about finding the balance between traditional and personal touches.

It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that ring!

The tradition behind bending down on one knee to propose is of course, not without the right diamond engagement ring.

Still searching for the perfect ring to suit the love of your life? Keep calm and call Kimberfire! We’re here to help with this very important part of your proposal. We’ll even help you with the rest of the day’s planning if you need an outside opinion… we’ve been around many engagements!

How important is the art of proposal to you?

I went straight to the source: some of my best friends who have recently gotten engaged, and some of who are recently married. Below is what they had to say in response to my question: “how important is the art of the proposal to you?”

“I think that the whole idea of the proposal is very focused upon the idea of a grand gesture. I think that every person has their preference about how they ideally would like to be proposed to, or at least some ideas surrounding it. I think that a well thought out proposal is important, however it should be based on who you are as a couple. It is a very intimate moment between two people and, and it is a moment you hope to never forget.”

“I think that the art of the proposal is very important because it marks a pivotal moment in time. I would rate a well thought out proposal highly. It isn’t about going over the top and appearing on a Jumbotron in front of millions of people, but rather a true and valiant effort demonstrated to express fondness, admiration and love.”

“I don’t think that a well thought out proposal needs to be costly. It’s about celebrating the moment in time and making sure the person feels special.”

So… how important is the art of the proposal to you?


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