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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kimberlite is the rock in the earth where diamonds are found. Fire is the scintillation and brilliance of our hand-picked diamonds. ‘Kimberfire’ is the new and brilliant way to buy diamonds and high-quality diamond jewelry.

A number of factors blend together perfectly to ensure our customers get the lowest pricing possible, while still receiving the personal service of a high-end store. Online customer acquisition, direct access to wholesale diamond inventory, custom manufacturing and ultra-low overhead are our main competitive advantages.

Please submit an inquiry, or call us at (416) 861-8110, so that we can arrange a time for your no-obligation virtual or in-person consultation. We then go over diamond education with you as well as considerations catered to your budget so that we can assist you in selecting your perfect diamond. Lastly, with your guidance, we design and manufacture a stunning piece of jewelry to set the diamond(s) in.

In-person bookings and walk-in meet and greets are welcome, although we encourage you to contact us if you are considering a visit. We are generally unable to accommodate a full consultation without prior notice.

Traditional retail stores purchase their diamonds from local wholesalers. These stores typically require significant markups in order to cover the costs of financing inventory and paying high street rent. Kimberfire does not finance any inventory and does not rent traditional retail properties. We allow you, our client, direct access to wholesale diamonds – significantly minimizing any unnecessary overhead costs and time spent researching on your end. We then work alongside you to design your custom Kimberfire jewelry. You are purchasing your diamond at ultra-competitive prices, but with the jewelry design expertise and quality assurance of the Kimberfire brand. Our clients are purchasing their diamonds as direct as possible, short of hopping on a plane to Belgium or India!

90% of diamond purchases begin by being researched online, but only 10% of them are actually completed via the internet. There is a reason for this. Each diamond is unique and it is extremely important to work alongside an expert, and to have someone you trust view your diamond in person before purchasing. Two diamonds each with the same criteria regarding cut, carat, colour and clarity, can vary by thousands of dollars – no two diamonds are alike! At Kimberfire, we provide you with direct access to wholesale diamond inventory, hand-picked from thousands of options overseas. You are only seeing the best of the best, and even then we meet with you one-on-one to select your diamond and design your jewelry.

We take immense pride in our custom work. We’re especially proud that we can offer our quality standards to the public at better prices than even pre-made rings at traditional jewelry stores. While each ring we create is one-of-a-kind, and we incorporate client feedback and requests, our design preferences lean toward the classic and currently on-trend styles. Each of our clients are given the opportunity to go through the design phase of their item step-by-step alongside their dedicated consultant.

Please allow for 8 weeks from the date of purchase prior to any required deadline. Actual production takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from when your design is approved. We create each ring from the ground up, specifically for the selected diamond.

In order to protect our brand quality and ethical sourcing standards, we can only work with diamonds and materials which we’ve provided ourselves.