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Loose Diamonds

A Brilliant Way to Buy a Diamond ®

The search for your perfect diamond can be overwhelming, so let us take the pressure off! With an extensive selection of both natural earth-mined diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds, we’re sure to have the perfect diamond for you or your loved one.

We assess your needs and then expertly select the best options with you. Our gemologists will personally guide you through the entire process. You are never limited to a diamond that is already in a finished item – once you’ve selected a loose diamond, we create your piece from the ground up to ensure a perfect fit.

Whether natural earth-mined or lab grown, we exclusively work with diamonds that have a minimum of I colour, 100% eye-clean clarity (SI1 clarity or higher, with no eye-visible inclusions/flaws), and with very good to excellent/ideal cut. We do not typically sell SI2 clarity diamonds, as they tend to be visibly included or hazy in appearance.

Any diamonds we provide that are 0.30ct or larger are graded by the best-known grading labs in the world, and have little to no fluorescence. Our natural diamonds are graded by GIA or AGS, and our lab grown diamonds are graded by GIA or IGI.

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