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A Toronto Engagement Ring Story: Jon & Katie

Part of our ongoing series profiling Kimberfire’s diamond engagement rings in Toronto, and the awesome people who wear them.

Will you be my partner in crime?

I’ve seen Katie pull off many a stylish ensemble – and pretty soon, she will be all dressed in white. Artistic, and a natural beauty, Katie describes her fiancé, Jon, as “sweet, rambunctious and caring … and he can always make me laugh.”

Jon was drawn to Katie’s easygoing, positive personality and fell in love with her adventurous spirit and ambitious drive, as well as her creative and silly side.

Katie and Jon Engagement Photo

The couple initially met through an online dating site. After a few emails back and forth, they realized that they worked in neighboring office towers and decided to grab a coffee and meet in person. After their coffee date ended, Jon wasted no time, and asked Katie out right away. On many of their dates, you could find them gallivanting across the city of Toronto, checking out funky restaurants, jazz clubs and art galleries.

Katie still remembers having their first kiss in the middle of David Pecaut Square. Jon must have remembered that kiss as well because that’s where he proposed to Katie.

Katie can’t pin point an exact moment when she realized that Jon was ‘the one’. What she does know however, is that over time, Jon went from being her goofy boyfriend, to best friend, to true love.

“I’m lucky to have him as my partner in crime for the rest of my life.”

Katie would say that her engagement ring buying process (rather than just the ring itself) represents her relationship with Jon, ‘to a tee!’ Jon and Katie started discussing diamond rings a few months before he proposed. Being the artistic type, Katie had many ideas on the cut she wanted.  Initially she desired a marquise diamond with baguette diamonds on the side. Then, she had her sights set on an emerald cut diamond with a skinny band.  “Poor Jon, I basically made him so confused. So, just as he does with everything else, Jon tried to ground my decision making process by taking me to try on a few rings.  That’s when I realized that I wanted something simple – round cut with a halo.”

Enter Kimberfire

Jon and Katie are both ‘entrepreneurial wannabes’ and do their part to support small businesses. When they found out that Jonathan Goldberg had left investment banking to launch a fine jewelry business, they just knew they had to get their ring from him.

Jon went to Jonathan Goldberg with an idea or three… for a ring design. After a few design tweaks and some recommendations on clarity, colour and carat, Jonathan Goldberg brought the idea to life! The end result was a beautiful 19k white gold ring with a round diamond in the middle and a single halo around the perimeter. The diamonds sit in a beautiful vintage setting that sports a skinny band with diamond embedded throughout. Instead of traditional nickel, palladium was used for the alloy, ensuring a very bright white finish. Katie couldn’t be happier and said, “I absolutely LOVE my ring!”

Katie's Kimberfire Engagement Ring in Toronto

Katie also commented that, “even after I received the ring, Jonathan provided nothing but top notch customer service. When I mentioned that my ring felt a bit loose, he got it sized for me right away. Additionally, he added two sizing balls to the inside of my band to stop my ring from twisting on my finger! Such a great idea!”.

Katie says her ring definitely reflects her personal style, which she describes as ‘sophisticated and classy.’  Katie prefers her style to always be timeless as opposed to trendy. Katie’s timeless taste reflects the vintage setting and classic cut of her engagement ring.

We wish this happy couple all of the joys and happiness in their journey together and appreciate them sharing their story with us (and you!).


(Photo Credits: Laura Nicholson Photography)


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