Aerial Photo of Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada

Canadian Diamond Engagement Rings: What You Need To Know

Oh, Canadian Diamonds…

We get some requests for (and many questions about) Canadian diamonds for use in engagement rings and other jewellery. Here are some of the most important things to know about this precious natural resource residing in our home and native land.

A Diamond Producing Nation

Many people are surprised to find out that Canada has diamond mines. In fact, Canada is the 3rd largest diamond producing country in the world!

The image shown above is an aerial view of the Diavik diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Producing 8 million carats annually, it’s been in production since 2003. An interesting fact about this mine is that it’s only accessible by road for two months of the year – when the surrounding lakes are frozen enough to allow for the construction of a road stretching 375km long, from Yellowknife.

Conflict Free Guarantee

Canadian diamonds are known for their guaranteed “conflict-free” origin. In order to verify this origin, many certified Canadian-mined diamonds have a unique identification number laser inscribed on the stone itself (don’t worry, this is invisible to the naked eye, is on the side of the diamond and doesn’t affect its brilliance in the slightest!).

Canadian Diamond Laser Inscription

Canadian Born, But Not Necessarily Bred

Just because a diamond was mined in Canada does not mean that it was cut locally. The majority of Canadian-mined diamonds are actually shipped overseas to the major diamond cutting centres of Belgium, India and Israel before they are brought back here to be placed on the hands of Canadian consumers. This is because the cost of manufacturing in Canada is prohibitive for the smaller stones, and the local manufacturing skill is lacking for the larger ones.

Do Canadian Diamonds Cost More?

As you can imagine, mining in Canada is more costly than in some other countries. There are also additional costs associated with the tracking and certification process Canadian diamonds undergo. Some retailers choose to price their Canadian diamonds at a significant premium over non-Canadian goods. Other retailers choose to price the Canadian goods almost on par with diamonds of other origin knowing that they’ll sell faster. The presence and extent of a premium on these diamonds  really varies from retailer to retailer.

Not All Canadians Are Created Equal

Just like diamonds of other origin, Canadian-mined diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, clarities and colours. There is a common misconception that Canadian diamonds are “higher-quality” than non-Canadian diamonds. This belief stems from the fact that on average Canadian diamond mines produce a greater percentage of higher-quality diamonds than mines in other parts of the world. However, chances are that you are buying a single diamond… not an entire mine (but if you want to, let’s talk)! Each diamond is graded on the 4C’s individually, and this is how they are compared. A high-quality diamond from elsewhere will be much nicer than a poor-quality diamond from Canada.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea (and Diamonds in the World)

So should you buy a Canadian diamond engagement ring? Not necessarily. The guaranteed conflict-free origin is a significant pro and the fact that the diamonds were born right here in Canada is great, but you must evaluate each diamond on its own merit in order to arrive at the best selection for you or your loved one.

I had a client recently who spends a lot of time up north for work, from where he would frequently return to his girlfriend (now fiancée!) with gifts of Inuit art. As Canadian diamonds are mined in northern Canada, he was set on popping the question with one of them in hand. For him, purchasing a Canadian diamond was a no-brainer, and we focused his selection on only those. It truly is a personal decision!

Kimberfire Canadian Diamonds

At Kimberfire, we are here to assist you whether you are set on purchasing a Canadian diamond or are open to other options. Let us know your preferences when making an appointment and we’ll make sure to have all the bases covered so that you can make a confident decision.

Why wait until your appointment though? If you have any questions that still need answering please ask them in the comments section below and we’ll get right on it!


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A Brilliant Way to Buy a Diamond

Hey there,

I’m Jonathan Goldberg, the founder & CEO of Kimberfire – a better way to buy diamonds, custom engagement rings and fine jewelry in Toronto, ON, Canada. I thought I’d start off our blog with introductions to myself and to Kimberfire. Please check back often for future posts catered to both men and women on diamonds, engagement rings, diamond jewelry, marriage proposals, personal style and more! Who knows what we’ll come up with.

Diamonds and high-end diamond jewelry are my passion. I am an internationally trained diamond grader with experience working in a diamond-cutting factory in the Middle East, in diamond sector business development in the busy diamond-trading centre of Antwerp and in the wholesale diamond trade in North America. Yes, I actually sat for hours each day cutting diamonds from rough stones into the polished diamonds we’re accustomed to seeing in jewelry – it was an awesome way to learn all about them!

As a break (at times fun and at times not so fun) between all that luxury goods sector experience and founding Kimberfire, I went back to school for my MBA (fun) and spent 3 years at one of the large Canadian banks as an investment banker (had its moments!).

While in banking, my friends who were getting engaged would always ask me about the best place to buy a diamond engagement ring. Should they buy online? Should they go to one of the many retail stores? A common phrase I heard was, “I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars at ‘X’ on a ring online without seeing it, but I don’t want to pay the prices being asked by ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ locally.”

I would always agree with them – as no two diamonds are alike! I have manufactured diamonds with my own two hands and I will not buy one without thoroughly inspecting it in person first. Diamonds come with many different types of inclusions and quality of material, even within the same clarity grade. The diamond that I approve of in person is the one I want to take home with me to give to my loved one.

Friends, and friends of friends, were thrilled when I navigated my relationships with diamond manufacturers and suppliers to source their perfect diamond – at the most competitive prices. They were ecstatic that I was able to find diamonds at the lowest prices possible (those typically only seen online) while also providing the opportunity for them to see their diamond in person alongside someone they trust, the same way they would be able to at only the highest-end stores. These were the fundamentals that shaped Kimberfire.

Kimberlite is the rock in the earth where diamonds are found. Fire is the scintillation and brilliance of our hand-picked diamonds. ‘Kimberfire’ is not only a new word for diamond, but also a new and brilliant way to buy one.

I look forward to meeting you and to building a relationship that will last through many of life’s memorable moments to come!

All the best,