Personalized Engagement Ring

How to Personalize an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is one of the most special and meaningful gifts a person will ever give or be given, so it goes without saying that it should be as personal as possible. Creating a custom engagement ring is one way to ensure the ring will be perfect for your special someone. There are so many different options to choose from when creating a custom ring, such as choice of metal, style of setting, diamonds or gemstones (or both!), how many stones and the style of the band. From these design elements come an infinite number of combinations that will result in your ideal ring. However, if you are looking to add a personal or sentimental element to the ring there are a number of ways to do that.


Words are an easy way to add a personal touch to an engagement ring. This can be done with an engraving on the inside or outside of the ring. A romantic quote, a line from a poem or a lyric from a favourite song are all great ideas. If you are religious you can add an important verse from your faith. If your relationship is filled with jokes and laughter, you may want to engrave an inside joke that only the two of you will understand. With laser engraving you can even have your own handwriting engraved on the ring. The one thing to remember is that there is only a limited amount of space on the ring and you don’t want the writing to be so small that it is impossible to read. Keeping things short and sweet is the best way to get your message across.


Incorporating significant numbers is another way many people choose to personalize their engagement ring. Having an important date engraved on the inside of the ring is one of the most popular requests. It may be the couple’s birth dates, the date they first met or the date of the proposal. Similarly people often get the date of their wedding day engraved inside their wedding bands. Location coordinates are another way to personalize with numbers, and these can be the locations of where you were both born, the place you met, or the place you now call home. The number of diamonds or gemstones used on the ring can also be personalized and meaningful. A two stone engagement ring celebrates friendship and love, while a three stone engagement ring symbolizes the past, present and future. Stones can even be used to represent the number of years you have been together, as in a five or seven stone ring, or in the number of small diamonds on the band.


People’s preference for certain colours is something that is totally unique to them which makes it a great choice for personalization. For jewellery, an easy way to add colour is by using coloured gemstones. The gemstone could be the main stone in a ring or used as the side stones in a three stone ring. Alternatively you could use small coloured stones to create a halo or accents along the band. If you prefer to be less conspicuous, the coloured stone can be set as a ‘surprise stone’, where it’s set underneath the main diamond and only visible when looking at the side of the ring. A very small gemstone can even be set inside the band and will not be seen at all when the ring is worn. Birthstones are a very popular option when adding a coloured stone to the design but you could also choose your partner’s favourite colour. The gem could also be chosen based on what the colour represents, such as green for nature or blue for the ocean. If you are adding a coloured gemstone it is important to ask your jeweller about the durability of the gem, as some stones are not hard enough to endure the everyday wear of an engagement ring.


There are a few different ways that symbols or images can be added to an engagement ring, with one option being engraving. You could have your fingerprint engraved onto the ring to ensure that your partner will have an intimate one of a kind symbol of you. Or you can get your actual heartbeat engraved from an EKG reading, to show your partner that they will have your heart forever. If your partner is a nature lover you could have the ring decorated by a hand engraver who can carve scrolling vines and intricate leaves or flowers right on the outside of your ring. Another way to add details is with filigree, which is where very thin wires of metal are used to create decorative ornamentation. The filigree can be something abstract or used more literally to create letters, hearts, flowers, infinity symbols, love knots, Celtic crosses and the list goes on and on.

There are so many different options for making an engagement ring really personal, from gemstones, symbols and designs on the outside of the band to super private engravings and hidden gemstones on the inside of the band. When you have finally found a partner who you would like to spend the rest of your life with, it’s great to be able to gift them with an engagement ring that is as meaningful and significant as your commitment to one another.

If you’re already engaged or married, how did you personalize your engagement ring? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t yet taken that step, we’re ready when you are – when the time is right learn more about Kimberfire and get in touch!

Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

With the start of a new year come predictions of what will be popular in the months ahead. At Kimberfire we work every day to help couples create their perfect engagement ring, which gives us firsthand knowledge of emerging trends. In general, bridal trends move slower and last longer than fast fashion trends, and can last anywhere from a few years to over a decade. While traditional rings featuring a round brilliant cut diamond or a solitaire setting aren’t going anywhere, we believe the following engagement ring styles are going to be huge in 2019.

Three Stone Rings

We can thank the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, for this one. After all the hype around the royal wedding last year, the three stone engagement ring has become extremely popular. Prince Harry designed Meghan’s ring which features a cushion cut center stone from Botswana, a country meaningful to the couple, and two round side stones from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection. The sentimentality behind the ring is quite fitting, as the three stone ring has always been full of symbolism. In fact another name for the three stone ring is the trilogy ring as it represents the past, present and future. This type of ring can look very traditional using three diamonds of the same shape, or it can look completely modern by using fancy cut sides stones, such as trilliant cut or pear cut. With a variety of stone arrangements, and the meaning behind it, this is a trend we see sticking around for a long time.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Although the round brilliant cut diamond will always be popular, a lot of people are now interested in rings with fancy shape diamonds. The oval cut has seen a huge surge in popularity, as it has a similar brilliance to the round cut but appears larger at the same weight. The pear cut is another shape in high demand, which could have something to do with celebrities like Ariana Grande and Cardi B receiving pear cut engagement rings (let’s not talk about the length of their engagements).The pear cut is an unexpected choice and looks great with a fitted wedding band. Two other fancy cuts we are seeing more of are the emerald and marquise cuts. The emerald cut has a clean streamlined shape and looks great in a horizontal east-west setting, while the marquise cut appears feminine and dainty, fitting perfectly with a thin band.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has finally made a comeback since falling out of style to white gold and platinum in the early 1990s. They say everything will eventually come back in style, and yellow gold is no exception. What once seemed outdated now feels fresh and modern. The yellow gold trend started with minimalistic fashion jewelry but has since made its way over to bridal. The warm metal looks especially current when it is used in delicate and dainty designs, and the thin bands that have been in style for a while now. These styles really differ from the wide, bold yellow gold rings which were so popular in the 1980s.

Hidden Halo

When deciding on a engagement ring style, one of the big choices is between a solitaire setting or a halo setting. There is an option that can give you the best of both worlds, and that is a hidden halo. This type of ring looks like a solitaire when you are looking straight on it, but when the ring is tilted or looked at from the side there is a halo wrapping around the diamond. This option is great for someone who likes the classic look of a solitaire, but wants something a little different. The hidden halo is a delicate detail that gives the ring just a little more sparkle, which is why it is proving to be such a popular choice.

Double Bands

The double band ring is exactly what it sounds like, two bands on the ring instead of only one. This style of ring is unique and modern, which is exactly why so many people are drawn to it. These rings come in many variations, such as the two bands being far apart, close together, parallel to each other, angled or curved. The centre stone can be set between the two bands or on top of the two bands. A single stone, a halo set stone, or three stones can all look amazing in this style of ring. A double band ring uses negative space as a design element, and takes up more room on the finger, for those who want a ring that makes an impact.

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional ring or something unique and modern, these trends cover all the bases. If you are getting engaged in 2019, or know someone who is, then these are the styles you can expect to see a lot of this year.

Engagement Ring Shopping Together as a Couple

Engagement Ring Shopping Together as a Couple

There was a time not so long ago when there was only one way to get engaged. The man in the relationship would decide when it was time to get married, secretly buy a diamond ring and surprise his love by getting down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage. But times have changed and these days more and more couples are choosing to shop for an engagement ring together, instead of it just being up to the man. And let’s not forget that marriage is no longer just between a man and a woman and the traditional rules may not apply at all. So now that we have options, how does one decide which proposal style is right for them? Do you choose to go the traditional way with the big surprise or the more modern route where you pick out the ring together? Let’s look at the pros and cons of picking out an engagement ring as a couple.

Pros and Cons of Engagement Ring Shopping Together

Pro: It avoids all the pressure from being on one person. It can be extremely stressful for the partner who is trying to pick out the perfect ring for their significant other. There are so many different factors to be decided when choosing a ring, from how much to spend, design style, metal choice, one stone or multi-stone, diamond or gemstone or synthetic stone, and the list goes on and on. Choosing an engagement ring together takes away the stress of buying the “wrong” ring, ensuring no regrets or disappointments.

Con: The proposal will not be a surprise. Having gotten engaged myself this year, I can tell you that the very first question everyone asks first is “Were you surprised?” and then wants to know EXACTLY how it happened. If you or your partner’s idea of a perfect proposal resembles something out of a Disney fairy tale or Jennifer Lopez rom-com, then not having that big surprise moment might be a letdown.

Pro: You know the ring will be the perfect. Forget about fairy tales for a minute, and let’s recall the infamous scene in Sex and the City when Carrie accidentally finds the ring that Aiden is planning to propose with… and barfs. If this scene is your biggest fear, then shopping for the ring as a couple might be the best idea. Only one person is going to be wearing the ring on their finger everyday for the rest of their life, so it is important that the ring is just right.

Con: It can seem less meaningful. It might seem like the decision isn’t as important or meaningful if the one partner didn’t spend the time and effort to find the perfect ring themselves. Of course, it is very romantic when someone picks out a ring for their significant other without them knowing and it ending up being their dream ring. However, most people need a bit of help from their partner, family or friends in figuring out just what the other person likes, and I don’t think that makes it any less meaningful.

Pro: Choosing together is about partnership. While it isn’t traditional, it can be very romantic for a couple to visit a jeweller together to pick out the perfect engagement ring. It is a big decision and making it as a couple can really help cement the fact that the two of you are a team. The moment you decide together that a ring is “the one” is a moment that you will remember forever.

Con: Knowing the price of the ring. If you decide to buy the ring together you will have to discuss the unromantic topic of how much you want to spend on it. Some people don’t feel comfortable disclosing how much they are going to spend on an engagement ring and prefer to not have their partner know the cost. Then there are couples who are very open about it and have decided together on a budget for the ring.

To Buy the Engagement Ring Together or Solo?

Now that we have covered the pros and cons of buying an engagement ring together, I think an easy way to decide which route to take is to have a conversation about it with your significant other. Most serious couples discuss getting engaged at some point in their relationship, and you can ask your partner if they would like to be a part of the engagement ring buying process or if they would prefer a complete surprise. If you don’t want to ask them directly, their friends or family members should be able to lead you in the right direction.

There are also ways in which you can have a surprise proposal AND your partner’s input on the engagement ring. One option is going to a jeweller together and picking out or designing a ring, but not buying it that day. Then later you can go back secretly and purchase the ring and plan a whole surprise proposal. If you don’t want your partner to have any idea you are looking at engagement rings, you can also propose with a temporary “loaner” ring. You get to have the whole fairy tale surprise proposal, and when they say “Yes!” let them know that the ring is just a placeholder until you pick out their dream ring together.

These days there are so many options when deciding how to get engaged. Whether you want to go the traditional route or with something more unconventional, it’s about choosing the way that fits you best as a couple.

Marriage Proposals

Am I Ready to Propose?

You have found an amazing partner and your relationship is going great. The two of you have even started to throw wedding talk into your conversations. You may have been together for many years, or only a short period of time, but you know you have found “the one”. Deciding you are ready to propose to someone is exciting and exhilarating, but also nerve wracking. I mean, marriage is a huge deal, and not something you want to rush into until you are confident in your decision. Knowing some signs that you are ready to propose may help you decide when to take the leap.

You love them just the way they are.

Do you love your partner not only when they are happy and having fun, but when they are sad, stressed, angry or hurt? Do you love them even though they are messy and never fold their laundry? Do you love them even though they are imperfect and have annoying quirks? Some people go into marriage expecting that their partner is going to somehow magically change overnight. People don’t change just because they get married, so make sure that you love and accept your partner the way they are now.

You are ready to commit.

Some relationships don’t end in marriage, not because the love wasn’t real, but because one or both partners didn’t feel ready to commit. Maybe you wanted to concentrate on your career and didn’t have the time to put towards your relationship. Maybe you weren’t sure what you wanted and decided to go backpacking across Asia to figure it out. When you are ready to commit you won’t want to put your career before your personal life, and won’t worry that there may be other fish in the sea. You will feel ready to jump in with all your heart.

Your friends and family support your decision.

It is important that you have the support of loved ones behind your decision. It makes life a lot easier when your family and friends accept and like your partner. This is especially important for very tight-knit families who spend a lot of time together, as your future spouse is going to become a part of the family. Also, it is a good sign when the people who know you best accept your choice. That being said, there are people who have married someone that their friends or family disapproved of, and they have gone on to have great marriages. While it is important to take into consideration the reasons your loved ones might disapprove, in the end you must make the decision that is best for you.

You have discussed children.

It is important to know how your partner feels about having children. Do they want them? How many? How soon do they want to start trying? And it is important to discuss what would happen if you were unable to have children. Would you try fertility treatments or look into surrogacy or adoption? Would they be ok if you never had any children? It’s necessary to have these conversations before you get married so that you are aware of your partner’s expectations and don’t run into conflicts in the future.

You can live together.

Going on romantic dates every Saturday night is a whole lot different than actually living with someone. Are you ok hanging out during the mundane moments of life, running errands, doing laundry, cooking dinner, or doing the dishes? Can you live with a messy person if you are a neat freak? Can you sleep in the same bed with a night hawk if you are an early riser? Will you be a team player and make compromises and try to make life comfortable for both of you? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right path.

You have discussed finances.

Yes, talking about money can make people uncomfortable, but if you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone you need to know the facts. Is one person in heavy debt while the other has been saving for years? Do you want to make a joint account or keep things separate? Does one person make more money and therefore will need to take on more financial responsibility in the marriage? These conversations can be awkward, but money is one of the biggest causes of stress within a marriage, so it is good to deal with any potential issues before you get engaged.

You can’t imagine life without them.

This is an important one. If you can’t picture yourself in the future without your partner by your side, it’s a good sign that you are with the right person. Go past the excitement of your wedding day and look further down the road. Is this the person who you want to go through all the ups and downs of life with? Do you see yourselves growing old side by side? If the answer is yes, then you probably don’t need any more signs.

Knowing that you are ready to propose ultimately comes from within you and shouldn’t be influenced by how long you have been dating, or if all your friends are getting engaged. It’s one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, and one you want to make for all the right reasons. And when you are ready make sure to jump in with both feet, because it’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime!

If you ARE ready to propose and are looking for engagement rings in Toronto, then you’ve come to the right place. Engagement rings are our specialty and we’d love to help!

Toronto Wedding Florist Blush and Bloom

Toronto Wedding Florist: Blush and Bloom

At Kimberfire we specialize in diamonds and diamond jewelry which means we are often the first stop in one’s journey toward the altar. Having the opportunity to create our clients’ engagement rings and wedding bands is a very special job, and it’s exciting to see people go from planning a proposal to planning a wedding. There are so many different businesses who work within the wedding industry, and we created this ongoing blog series to highlight Toronto-based wedding insiders who can help make your dream wedding a reality.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Becky DeOliveira, the owner of popular Toronto flower studio, Blush and Bloom. I discovered Blush and Bloom on Instagram, where I became one of the 33K+ followers who couldn’t get enough of the stunning floral bouquets and arrangements that have elevated floral design to an artform. Blush and Bloom’s work has been featured in the magazines Wedding Bells and Today’s Bride, the blog Style me Pretty, and of course, in plenty of weddings! I sat down with Becky to learn more about her story.

Becky, please tell us a bit about yourself and your company Blush and Bloom.

From the moment I first held a flower I knew I would be a florist. I grew up surrounded by nature and my mother is an avid gardener, who always encouraged me to to go weed the garden or make a posie out of wildflowers. My mom was conditioning a florist in the making from aged 5 years old! From my years of watering annuals at a greenhouse, to delivering flowers, managing shops, and teaching classes this has always been who I am. Flowers are what I know.

The B&B mantra is to design, style and perfect every element of each event to reflect our clients’ personal style and aesthetic, and pair it naturally with our luscious garden style florals.

How many years has Blush and Bloom been in business?

Blush and Bloom will be 6 years young this summer, but I have been in the flower world for 18 years!

How did your education and/or previous job experience prepare you for running your own business?

Thankfully working for other people, and always holding management positions prepared me (only partially!) for the responsibilities of being a business owner. I think knowing the industry, especially in the world of perishable product is very, very crucial to not going broke! I don’t have a business background, or any formal entrepreneurial education, so the industry experience is all I have to credit the choices I’ve made so far. What worked for other businesses may not work for me, and I was lucky to see that when I was an employee and alter my business plan and approach. This being said, I always ask for opinions from other small business owners and keep a close network of female business colleagues at arm’s reach for advice.

What kinds of services do you offer?

We have a range of services including tabletop décor and florals, ceremony archways, ceiling installations, personal flowers and design recommendations to help our clients have an overall cohesive and flowing look. The price points and minimum spend vary depending on the season.

How would you describe the Blush and Bloom style, and where do you get your inspiration from?

B&B’s look is garden style florals with a fresh, and edgy twist.

I draw inspiration from other makers, designers, florists, fashion, textiles and patterns, landscapes and colour palettes!

What advice would you give to a couple who is looking for a floral designer for their wedding day?

Trust the professionals and interview several companies. Have a loose concept and 3 images of the feel (but not replication) of what you’re thinking for your event. Be open! You may not be able to get the exact product (or pricing!) that your budget allows for. Ask for suggestions from the pros, it’s our job to get creative!

In 2016 you started a sister business to Blush and Bloom, please tell us a bit about Bloom School.

Bloom School is a dream I have had for over 10 years. My hands-on experience comes from working under several designers, taking courses and volunteering. I never felt the programs I had invested in were up to date, it was only about technique and the end result was never a representation of what my personal style was. I always felt like someone young and fresh had to overhaul the education programs of the large “floral design schools” in Canada in order to better the new generation of budding designers. Bloom School amalgamates modern day floral design with desirable blooms to practise on, with a focus on how to design for photographing your work. We then advise on how to use that content to brand yourself and sell your style to your clients.

What are some continuing and new trends for wedding florals?

I think experimenting with colour is always a trend and a modern approach to weddings. The balance between wanting to be timeless but not all white can be a challenge, but also unique at the same time. Lush blooms paired with gestural dancing flowers with playful stems are always a favorite in our studio.

Do you have a favourite flower?

Can you ever choose a favorite child?! I have so many. The delicate stem of a scabiosa or a ranunculus, or the fullness of a fading peony… all so magical, it’s impossible to choose just one.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Managing expectations and planning logistics. So much of what we do is planning and orchestrating… not just playing with flowers!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Looking at a room completely perfect after a 10-hour installation day with my hard-working team, after the clients see it and beam with happiness. That feeling is the most amazing reward of all time.

Have you ever had a floral disaster the day of a wedding or event, and if so how did you handle the situation?

After this long, no one could have a perfect record! Of course we’ve had accidents, miscommunications or day-of changes that weren’t anticipated. It comes with the gig! Luckily, we try to plan for the worst and always be prepared. Weather is usually a big aspect of how things can go south fast, so knowing rain plans and having weights for outdoor ceremonies are always, always a necessity to be able to roll with the punches!

Your social media pages are filled with stunning photography of your creations – how important is social media to running your business?

Very! I don’t have a strategy per say, but as the years go by the one thing I can say is that quality of photo/content is important. I like to have good lighting for photos and a clear idea of the shot before I go for it. I don’t spend all day curating photos and over designing our pieces, however, we do take 15 minutes a day to grab the best light and capture the “in the moment” designs we are creating for our clients. No grainy photos with bad light do any flower arrangement justice!

What sets Blush and Bloom apart from the competition?

I’ve had others tell me that it’s my ability to keep it real with our clients, planners and my staff. I put that foot forward in social media and don’t often filter myself. I think this gives the followers (and clients) the opportunity to get on the level of whatever is on my mind. I also tend to keep a balance of playful realness and show people that I can be pretty breezy and do not take myself so seriously. I like to have fun but be straightforward, and that is how I like people to approach me.

That aside, from a design perspective we are always pushing the envelope and setting new goals for this brand. I don’t like “copying” one client’s wedding and just “mass producing” because it’s what we know. We like a challenge!

Having been a part of so many weddings, what advice can you give to couples on how to get the most out of their big day?

Try to let the professionals handle the day of. That’s what you paid them for! Enjoy the day, it goes by so fast, and to spend it agonizing over details or trying to control every element is exhausting and impossible. It’s easy to get caught up in perfection and forget the main reason why you’re there in the first place, which is to get married to the love of your life, with everyone who loves you there to witness.

Thank you so much for taking time to share your company and insights with us.

Thank you, it was my pleasure!

Photo credits: Mango Studios, Tara McMullen, Scarlet O’Neill